Waverton Evangelical Fellowship

Rescue, Restore, Release


Church shotThank you for visiting our website.  We hope that you find it informative and, more importantly, if it  encourages you to visit us, we hope you will not be disappointed! 

 We like to think that we are a friendly church (but I suppose every church does). 

 At our main worship service starting at 10.30 am on a Sunday morning we  have créche facilities,  Sunday Club for children aged 4-11 and Lazers for those aged  12-16.  There are usually around 100  people in the congregation. 

For the four months from the 18th August 2016 we are out of our building while it is being refurbished, the 'Refurbishment' page gives some details of the work.  WEF in village hallMore importantly see the 'Weekly Events' subpage under the 'About Us' tab to know where each of our activities has been relocated.  Our first Sundays have gone well, which should not surprise us because our God is not restricted by the buildings we use.  The picture shows our second Sunday morning in the village hall.

The 6.30 Sunday evening service is usually quieter with a smaller number attending.

 Chris Sept 15

 Jon Sept 15

 Darren Sept 15

Chris Mellor 

 Jon Hosker

Darren Gerrish 

Our pastor, Chris Mellor, shares the leading and speaking with several other  members  of the church.    Through the year we have occasional guest speakers  including those  who we support in Christian ministry.    The music is led by one of several worship  leaders who have a wide range of musicians to call on.

Jon Hosker is our Children's and Families' Worker.  Jon had previously served the church as a Youth Worker but it has been recognised that he has the skills that make him ideally suited to this role.

Our new Youth Worker is Darren Gerrish who was commissioned on the 6 th of September 2015. This takes our full-time team to three for the first time in the church's history.

We have a range of mid-week activities for ages from zero to the 'elderly'.   

As an evangelical church we seek to present the gospel in ways that will encourage people to come to faith in Christ.  We also recognise the need for us all continually to grow in our faith and to use the gifts that God has given us in His service and in the service of the Fellowship and village.

We hope that this has whetted your appetite and we would love to see you at one of our services or activities.  If there is something that you would want to know that is not here then please go to the 'Contact Us' tab. 

        We have 'Charity Incorporated Organisation' status (CIO). Our charity number is 1157948